In this second part of our Webforms webinar series, we'll take a look at more advanced functions that you can perform with Webforms. In our discussion, we'll be covering:

  • Best Practices - we'll continue our discussion of best practices when using a webform
  • Conditional Logic - this features changes something in the form based on user input. A common way this comes into play is making a field visible or hidden depending on the user’s response to another field. It might also affect the state (enabled/disabled), validation (required/optional), and more
  • Emails/Handlers - form submissions dealing with that particular topic can go directly to the best person at your agency to answer questions

If you would like to watch Webforms: Part I, you can request access to it in the LMS by submitting a support request

Please note: attendance to Webforms: Part I is not required to attend Webforms: Part II.