Our Work

At Digital Services Georgia (DSGa), we are driven by accessibility, transparency and innovation. We are most known for our dedication to a responsive framework as well as accessibility-compliant design themes.

Accessibility Leaders

DSGa's meticulous attention to accessibility standards is an award-winning effort to ensure that state agencies are following best practices for all audiences.

Being accessible doesn’t end with accessible design. An ongoing partnership with Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) and the Research Center and the Georgia Institute of Technology helps us stay compliant with the federal government’s Section 508 standards as well as the WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) accessibility requirements.

Mobile-Friendly Champions

Mobile was an early consideration as we designed themes for GovHub. Thanks to the scalable design of the open source CMS, all state agency sites on GovHub are responsive from the start.

In 2015, DSGa earned the “Innovation of the Year” award in the category of Responsive Web Design Implementation by Statescoop.com.

Open Source Pace Setters

In 2012, Georgia was one of the first states to implement a Drupal-based platform designed specifically for government state agencies. Going against the grain to create GovHub paid off — literally saving the state about 14 million dollars within only 5 years.

People are seeing the ease, flexibility, and benefits of an open source platform for their IT infrastructures. DSGa's enterprise CMS has become a paradigm for other state governments across the nation.