DCoE Committees

AI Advisory Council

The AI Advisory Council recommends ethical and responsible uses of Artificial Intelligence in government, develops guidelines for state employees on the use of AI, educates the public about the potential benefits and risks of AI when interacting with state services, and fosters collaboration between government, industry, advocacy, and academia on AI-related issues. Members are experts in AI, ethics, and public policy and meet monthly. 

Content and Social Media Committee

The Content and Social Media Committee sets standards and guidelines for content on websites and other digital platforms. Committee members, who come from throughout the government and private sectors, meet at least once a quarter to form a unified digital approach for state government services.

GovHub Advisory Committee

The GovHub Advisory Committee generates ideas and helps prioritize new features and bug fixes. The goal is positive growth and innovation of the GovHub product influenced by the needs and desires of our agency partners. The committee, which also influences the GovHub Roadmap, meets virtually once a quarter while sharing best practices, accomplishments, and issue resolution.


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Our Goals

The DCoE aligns to the state’s 2025 Enterprise IT Strategic Plan by:

  1. Improving citizen access to state services; and 
  2. Partnering with the private sector to improve citizen services.

By engaging with diverse groups in user-centric focus areas, the DCoE builds a community to share experiences and challenges in collective effort to meet the digital needs for Georgians.