Benefits of GovHub

Benefits of GovHub

Robust Security

GovHub is built on a reliable security framework. Our system is designed to guard your data against potential threats with the web application firewall Cloudfare while maintaining confidentiality. We comply with the data standards set by The National Institute of Standards and Technology and other well-recognized auditing standards, ensuring a dependable foundation for your online presence. 

Advanced Content Management

GovHub provides agencies with tools to manage content and measure site performance. Structured content types make content readable to both people and search engines, while reusable micro-content types streamline content creation and provide consistency throughout your site. Access to the Siteimprove analytics tool is included to measure and improve issues with content quality, accessibility, and SEO.

Cloud-Powered Scalability

GovHub sites are hosted by Acquia, offering high availability and scalability. It is designed to handle high traffic volumes without compromising performance.

User-Friendly Design and Mobile-First Approach

GovHub focuses on simplicity and flexibility in design. Our layout builder tools are intuitive, and we prioritize a mobile-first approach to ensure optimal formatting across all screen sizes and devices.

State Brand Unity 

GovHub represents a unified Georgia state brand, aligning with the Orchard Design System. The design system provides a consistent voice, color palette, and typography across all agency sites.

Governor's Office

Websites Powered by GovHub

Many of Georgia’s state organizations have built their digital presence with GovHub. See a few of the more than 80+ sites that are powered by GovHub.

Working With Us

We partner with government agencies and align our digital strategies with the state IT objectives and the needs of Georgians. We believe in collaboration from the very beginning. Together, we strategize, prioritize, and tackle the challenges you and your constituents face.

GovHub Status

If your site seems to be down, or you can't log in, check the GovHub Status page. It provides updates on incidents in real time. You can also subscribe to receive notifications.

Recent Updates

May 2024

Bug Fixes

During this sprint, we fixed a couple of bugs related to the authenticated content editor experience:

  • For admin toolbar items with a white background, only the active item should be bolded.
  • On content node edit forms, the text “Not promoted” should now only display in the accordion heading for “Promotion options” and nowhere else.

Menu UI/UX Updates

In this sprint, we made some styling and user experience adjustments to the mobile menu:

  • Moved the “close” button to display in the same spot as the hamburger icon button.
  • Add a more prominent overlay to the area of the page behind the mobile menu to gently indicate that this area is disabled.

Our next scheduled maintenance will occur overnight between June 5 - June 6, 2024. Administrative access will not be available during this time.