Working With Us

We believe in collaboration from the very beginning. Together, we strategize, prioritize, and tackle the challenges you and your constituents face. 

As a state organization, we know best how to help other state and local organizations deliver their digital services better. We achieve this by partnering with government agencies and aligning our digital strategies with the state IT objectives and the needs of Georgians. 

Our process starts and ends with you — from understanding your organization’s goals and identifying the pain points of your current site, to launching your new GovHub website and providing support as you manage, measure, and mature your digital content.

Let's collaborate.

1. Discovery Sprint

Our journey begins with a joint exploration of your business challenges and objectives, and how well your website is meeting those needs. Through discussions with your key stakeholders, we seek to understand your visitors’ goals and their digital interactions. Supplementing this with analytics and independent research, we form a detailed project framework to guide the next steps.

2. Design and Development Sprint

Our design process is focused on structuring information and content so that it’s easy to find and sets the tone that you want to convey. We gather, analyze, and apply data from various sources, including user testing and behavior mapping. All this information allows us to align together on page layouts, a site architecture with logical user paths, and a strategy for your content that is findable, usable, and scalable as your digital presence evolves.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to join GovHub, or just have more questions, please connect with us!

3. Build and Deploy Sprint

We’ll set you up with a trustworthy .gov domain and configure a new GovHub site, ready for content entry. When it comes to building out the site, we can handle the workload, create the content in tandem with you, or provide training and support as you migrate the content yourself. In all these options, you have the final UAT and approval before the website goes live.

4. Support and Optimize

The work is just beginning when your new website launches. You know your content best so we’ll provide you with training to manage your site and webinars to make the most of GovHub’s features. You’ll be invited to live events throughout the year to keep current with the state of government digital services. Our support desk is available for both technical and best practice questions.

Accuracy and relevance of content are paramount, but we also believe in growth through continuous optimization. All GovHub subscriptions include access to a site performance tool to measure and manage content quality, SEO, and accessibility standards. We offer consultations on how to interpret and take action on the data provided.

Using the tools and insights to make data-informed decisions that propel your digital presence forward, we’ll collectively mature the state’s digital services together.