What’s Involved?


Framing problems to be solved by researching how the digital property is currently being used and gathering enough evidence to inform what next steps should be.

Heuristic Evaluation

A usability inspection method that helps to identify problems with the user interface by judging its compliance with recognized usability standards.

Performance Test

In a typical performance test, users perform a variety of tasks on a website, prototype, or other digital property while observers note what the user does and says.

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A Note for GovHub Customers

We’ve built and continue to improve GovHub through research and usability testing with real people — citizens, advocates, and partners at state agencies. This ongoing work requires the participation of everyone who engages with Georgia’s websites, including those who keep site content accurate, well-structured, and findable. Thank you for your partnership in providing easy access to services for Georgians. We hope you’ll join us in making the visitor experience even better.