We design and develop interactive digital content for state agencies

Digital Services Georgia is a division of the Georgia Technology Authority, which manages IT infrastructure for Georgia government agencies. With user experience as our main focus, we serve state agencies in Georgia with the latest, industry-standard best practices. We handle the design, development, training, and support for web content and mobile apps.

Usability for citizens comes first.

At Digital Services Georgia, we build digital experiences that benefit the user. We analyze data and conduct user research to find out how people are really using your site. We believe that content — especially content designed for citizens — should be transparent and easily accessed.

Agencies that join our web publishing system are:

  • Accessible
    Designed using the highest standards of accessibility and compliance
  • Responsive
    Mobile-friendly from the start with high performance on tablets or smart phones
  • Efficient
    Your site is automatically updated with security and performance features

We provide the system. You manage your content.

Our secure, open source web publishing system, GovHub, is made to scale with your state agency’s needs. We create a custom template based on your business requirements and your users' needs. Once we get you set up, we provide training on how to manage your content using GovHub. We host various events to educate our content managers and help them stay updated on the latest best practices.