May 15, 2017

GOVTalks Spring 2017: Reaching Your Users

On May 15, 2017, we hosted our 9th GOVTalks conference. This event was a bit different from our norm, because we held it as 1 of 4 tracks at the Georgia Technology Authority’s Technology Summit 2017. It was great to be a part of the summit and see a few new faces.

In case you missed it, our 3 speakers focused on how we, as state agencies, reach our users. Check out their videos here and get a deeper dive into each of the topics with their blog post recaps.

Digital: Beyond Your Website

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services Georgia

Having a holistic digital strategy is critical for your brand, channel, and technology decisions. Nikhil addresses how to cultivate a digital ecosystem. We'll look at building an environment for citizen interactions, mapping citizen touch points, and designing experience road maps for the citizen journey.

More in Nikhil’s blog post: Digital Ecosystems, Part 3: Cultivating a Holistic Digital Strategy

Putting Our Best Face Forward

Kendra Skeene
Director of Product, Digital Services Georgia

Good content is step one in developing an effective digital ecosystem. But good, accurate information isn’t maintained as a grassroots effort — it has to be strategic and planned. It’s time to make web content a central part of our agency vision and strategy — not an afterthought. We need to put structures in place to train and empower content experts to put our best digital face forward.

More in Kendra’s blog post: Putting Our Best Face Forward: Business Case for Content Strategy

Understanding Your Audience

Jasmyne Epps
Testing Lead, Digital Services Georgia

To get to the core of our digital strategy, it’s important to understand the people we serve, and even their goals and frustrations. Testing lead, Jasmyne Dove, explores what it means to understand our users, see usability testing in action, and learn about tools that can get your research started.

More in Jasmyne’s blog post: Understanding Your Audience