April 28, 2021

GOVTalks Spring 2021

On April 28, 2021, we held our 14th GOVTalks conference virtually. Together, we talked about the concept of digital maturity. Our team covered how we use feedback to continually improve GovHub, using the reporting feature in GovHub analytics to benefit your site, the importance of a good information architecture, how webforms can be used for more that data collection, and introduced our new learning management system.

Keynote: Road to Digital Maturity

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia

Nikhil gave attendees a detailed look at digital maturity and the path paved by other organizations that we can learn from. He shared his insights from what he has studied and observed across the digital landscape. 

Closing the Loop: Our Collaborative Path Forward

Donna Sumner, Project Manager, DSGa
Julie Fay, User Experience Analyst, DSGa

Donna and Julie gave attendees a look at how DSGa uses the feedback that we receive to drive GovHub toward a more mature platform. 

Report Your Success with GovHub Analytics

Ericca Farrington, Outreach Coordinator, DSGa

Ericca gave attendees an in-depth look at the reporting feature in GovHub Analytics. She explained how agencies can use reports to better understand the issues that are impacting their site.

Journey to Content Maturity: Your Website’s Content is Never Done

Will Alford, Director of Content, DSGa
Ann Masters, Digital Content Strategist, DSGa

Will and Ann provided insight on how a good information architecture ( IA) can make content easier for users to discover and navigate. 

Beyond Just Data Collection: Guide Users’ Experience with Webforms

Rachel Hart, Solutions Analyst, DSGa

Rachel took attendees deep into the world of webforms. We learned about how webforms can be used, what goes into creating a plan for building them and best practices to consider when creating one. 

Learning with DSGa

Yen Tang, Director of Outreach, DSGa

Yen talked about success in terms of learning -- what it means when you’re successful and what it means when we’re successful at helping you learn.