GovHub Basic Training

GovHub Basic training is useful for Editorial Leads and Editors to learn how to navigate GovHub and create content for their site. The training courses are available through the DSGa Learning Management System (LMS).

Topic Description
Navigating GovHub How to access and navigate GovHub.
Intro to Content Types

Learn about the different types of content that you can use in GovHub.
(Pre-requite to Part I & Part II Content Types learning modules.)

Part I: Content Types How to use and manage Bios, Contacts, and Events.
Part II: Content Types How to use and manage FAQs, How Do Is, Landing Pages, Listing Pages, Locations, and Webforms.
How to Update a Topic Page Learn about the versatility of the Topic Pages.
When to Use a Press Release Find out more about Press Releases and when it's appropriate to use them.
Introduction to Micro Content Types Learn about micro-content and how it is used in GovHub.
How to Create a Promo

How to create and manage Promos.

How to Create and Manage Documents Learn how to effectively manage Documents on your site.