November 14, 2017

GOVTalks Fall 2017: The Future of Your Website

On November 14, 2017, we hosted our 10th GOVTalks conference, The Future of Your Website.

Members of the Digital Services Georgia team and a separate vendor, User Insight, spoke. We learned what's in the future of the GeorgiaGov platform, how we can understand our audience based on behavior, and how agencies can start preparing their websites now for the upcoming migration to Drupal 8.

Be a Part of Georgia's Digital Future

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services Georgia

Citizens expect government to deliver services with the same level of sophistication as the private sector. The Office of Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) focuses on partnering with state agencies to analyze and enhance how they deliver information and services for an enhanced citizen experience. Learn how you can influence our road map and be a part of Georgia’s digital future.

More in Nikhil’s blog post: Georgia's Digital Roadmap

User Insight: Behavior DNA and Findings from UX Study of Georgia's State Websites

Shaw Strothers
UX Lead, User Insight

Kevin O'Connor
President, User Insight

In July 2017, User Insight and Digital Services Georgia partnered together to embark on a user experience research journey. Learn how User Insight study how users experience your website, evaluate their findings, and provide recommendations. Then see the detailed findings of that research, the behavioral analysis outcome, and recommendations that can be applied to enhance the usability of all state websites.

More in DSGa UX Designer Rachel Hart's blog post: How to Structure Content for 5 User Types

Planning for the Future of Georgia’s Web Platform

Kendra Skeene
Director of Product, Digital Services Georgia

How do citizens want to interact with state agencies? What technology solutions would make it easier for agency content managers to meet those needs? In this session, we will explore some of the key concepts that will guide how we approach the future of the GeorgiaGov web platform and how it extends to a better digital service delivery. Agency content managers will find out how to plan now for their agency’s digital future.

More in Kendra's blog post: The Future of Your Digital Information