September 13, 2018

GOVTalks Fall 2018: For the People, With the People

We held our 11th GOVTalks conference on September 13, 2018. Members of the Digital Services Georgia team and design firm IDEO presented the future design direction, new technical features of the platform, content migration details, and a high level timeline for site migrations. See below for the presentations.

The Need for a Unified Branded Digital Platform

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia

What do state agencies have in common with companies like Apple and Amazon? We have the same customers who are also citizens who expect a similar experience from their government. Nikhil spoke about how the Digital Services team is teaming up with state agencies and Georgians to build a digital platform to move the needle on customer experience.

More in Nikhil’s blog post: Built With the People

Building Georgia’s Digital System

Kendra Skeene
Director of Product, Digital Services Georgia

We’ve talked to citizens across Georgia about how they interact with the state, and we’ve talked to state employees about how they make information and services available to the people they serve. Kendra discussed what we’ve learned, and how we’re using it to build a digital platform that can meet those needs now, and scale it into the future.

More in Kendra’s blog post: Building Georgia's Digital System

Path to Drupal 8: Process, Migration, and What to Expect

Donna Sumner
Project Manager, Digital Services Georgia

Donna walked us through the path to get to the new platform and learned how your input helped to drive this project from day one. She also spoke about what's still ahead to get us to the finish line.

More in Donna’s blog post: What To Expect With Your Migration

Designing a Human-Centered Government

Tom Kershaw
Senior Interaction Designer, IDEO

Heather Boesch
Operations Director, IDEO

Emma Baker
Communication Designer, IDEO

After close research with state agencies, stakeholders, and Georgians across the state, IDEO shared their findings. They walked through what they learned and revealed the design direction for the state brand and websites. In their talk, we got a good sense of the overall look and feel of Georgia’s future digital system.