So, how do you know if your content strategy is paying off? First, don’t expect things to change overnight. It takes months and even years to see results with even the most consistent content strategy. The important thing is to keep it up.

Here are 3 ways to measure the success of your content strategy:

1. Look at data

Through Digital Services Georgia, you have access to tools like Google Analytics and Crazy Egg to measure traffic and behavior. Google Analytics has handy graphs to measure the success of your content over time. It pays to look at these numbers occasionally to see how you are doing.

An example of Google Analytics pageviews

Google Analytics reveals the most visited pages for the Department of Driver Services.

User Activity on a website

Crazy Egg shows a heat map of user activity.

2. Check for search engine rank

Do a search on a keyword phrase or topic that is highly relevant to your industry — “Lemon laws in Georgia,” for example (Consumer Ed). Where do you, as the authority on a keyword topic, show up in search results? If you have used keywords to your advantage and are a consistent content producer, you should find yourself climbing the ranks of search engines.

Google search results with 'Paid Ad', 'Featured Snippet' and '1st result in organic search result' written

3. Note the interaction

Social shares, user comments, more form submissions and newsletter sign ups are a good sign you are doing something right! If people are interacting with your content, you’ll feel it. Use tools like Google Analytics to track social shares. Record how many people are participating in contests, filling out your forms or going to your events because of something they saw posted on your site.

An example of sharing a post on Facebook with comments

See how your audience is engaging with you. Check comments and interact with people.

Content strategy is something that takes perseverance, consistency and learning. There is always something new to learn in the ever-changing landscape of digital content. The team at Digital Services Georgia is happy to help you if you need tailored consulting with your approach. Meanwhile, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on workshops and events!