November 11, 2015

GOVTalks Fall 2015: Data

On November 11, 2015, GOVTalks attendees learned about data visualization, civic hacking, Google Analytics, and more. We heard examples from the public and private sector. From local and state views. From citizen and public servant perspectives. It was a well-rounded day of all things data.

Don't Tell Me. Show Me.

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services Georgia

See how some government websites are successfully (and unsuccessfully!) using data, and get a broad overview of data in state government.

Civic Hackers and You

Luigi Ray-Montanez
Founding Engineer, Upworthy
Co-Organizer, Code for Atlanta

Learn the importance of data and how our local Atlanta community uses data for good. Through hackathons and social events, we can work to make our communities better!

OpenSaaS Solutions for Government

Sid Burgess
Solutions Consultant, GovDelivery

Learn about one data visualization solution, and the importance of using current technologies for government data.

Innovative Data Usage in a Digital World

John Martin
CIO, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

How do you unlock your data potential? See what tools tools the Department of Natural Resources has used and what they’re currently doing with drones in Georgia.

Google Analytics Made Easy

Kyle Johnson
Project Manager, Digital Services Georgia

Join in for the Google Analytics workshop! Learn a few high level steps and tools needed to understand your website’s analytics.