Will Alford - Head Shot

Will Alford

Director of Content

“I lead the team that organizes the information and writes the words on the official website for the state of Georgia (Georgia.gov). We also train and consult with other state agencies to make sure their digital information is done well and is accessible to all Georgians.”

Pooja Berrong head shot

Pooja Berrong

(Former) Vendor & Account Manager

Pooja Berrong served as the Vendor and Account Manager at Digital Services Georgia until 2015.

Amanda de Zayas head shot

Amanda de Zayas

Lead Content Strategist

“I help organizations communicate with the audiences they're trying to reach and help each side achieve their goal in a given situation. In a way, I'm like a translator, making sure each side understands the other.”

Nikhil Deshpande headshot

Nikhil Deshpande

Chief Digital Officer

“I make state government information and services digitally available, usable, and accessible to people.”

Head shot of Dominic Distretti

Dominic Distretti

(Former) UX Designer

Dominic Distretti served as a User Experience Designer for Digital Services Georgia from 2018 to 2019.

Jasmyne Dove Epps cropped profile shot

Jasmyne Epps

Product Manager

“I lead testing and maintenance efforts for the DSGa team. I also supervise and organize the Service Desk, managing requests for help as well as support expectations for our clients.”

Julie Fay, User Experience Analyst

Julie Fay

User Experience Analyst

“I take the stress out of using technology by looking at what frustrates users and identifying what’s behind the problem. Then, I offer data-based recommendations to transform a person’s tech experience into a more satisfying one.”

Mike Galifianakis head shot

Mike Galifianakis

State ADA Coordinator

Mike Galifianakis is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator for the Georgia State Financing & Investment Commission. He is responsible for developing and implementing programs and activities to advance and monitor agency compliance with the ADA statewide.

Head shot of Rachel Hart

Rachel Hart

UX/UI Lead

“I take complex information and make it easy to grasp.”

Jenine's headshot

Jenine Ingram

Marketing Specialist

Jenine Ingram is the Marketing Specialist at the Department of Driver Services. She has a Master’s Degree in New Media & Journalism from Full Sail University and specializes in social media.