Our Year In Review: 2021

Let’s look back at 2021 where we connected more than ever with Georgians even as many government services (and DSGa) remained remote.

A venn diagram of three overlapping circles, labeled


99.98% uptime

GovHub Growth in 2021

  • 38 releases for security, maintenance, and new features
  • 1 system-wide accessibility audit with expert guidance
  • 12 editor interviews to establish a customer baseline

Enhanced Security With A Web Application Firewall

On an average day, we block about 25,000 requests through our WAF. But occasionally, we fend off more than 100,000 attacks per day.

Serving Georgians with Chatbot

Our chatbot helps reduce phone calls to agencies by giving Georgians an extra way to ask for most-needed information in their own words.

  • 4 sites with more to come
  • Over 2 million interactions

Georgia Analytics Program (GAP)

88.2 average DCI score

Performance Data For The Public

Since launching our public analytics data site in spring 2021, we've seen: 

  • 70 sites have improved to meet or have maintained the state benchmark
  • 4% average improvement of DCI score across all agencies
  • 4 new sites onboarded to GAP
Three screenshots from the Georgia Analytics Program website. They show some intro text on the homepage, a pie chart of usage by device, and pieces of a website's accessibility and readability scores.


More than 7.6 million pageviews.

Our State’s Flagship Site

Most-viewed topics included registering for a business license, applying for a firearms license, and applying for SNAP.

Social Media

We used our social media channels in 2021 to amplify messaging from other agencies and for original campaigns to promote COVID-19 vaccines and voting.

  • Nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter combined
  • Daily personal replies to direct messages and public comments

Education & Training

Basic questions down 39.3% since using LMS

Empowering Our Partners

We held 15 live (virtual) training classes with 36 attendees in 2021.

We’re ramping up our on-demand learning management system (LMS):

  • 49 courses
  • 3 training series
  • 61 active learners
  • 85.6% completion rate
  • 89.7% learner engagement

Encouraging Digital Maturity at GOVTalks

On April 28, 2021 at our 14th GOVTalks conference, we welcomed:

  • 79 attendees
  • 43 agencies

We focused on digital maturity with talks on research and gathering feedback, information architecture, and making smart forms.

Usability Research and Testing

Impacts over 45.7 million site users

Research to Improve Users’ Experience

We continuously study how site visitors and editors interact with our websites.

  • 16 studies conducted
  • 82 websites effected
  • 232 GovHub editors impacted

In 2021, our Orchard Growers Testing Program involved 16 active participants.

Illustration of a person in a phone talking and tapping on a notification.

Customer Service

680 support requests

Here To Help

  • 58 editors assisted
  • 443 hours spent
  • 4.9 out of 5 average satisfaction rating (with 84 reviews)

Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE)

More than 20 members

Growing The State’s Digital Landscape

In 2021, we relaunched our Digital Center of Excellence with 2 committees. DCoE members include experts from:

  • State agencies
  • Content strategy firms
  • Public health agencies
  • Universities
Two people working together.