November 16, 2016

GOVTalks Fall 2016: Digital Ecosystems

On November 16, 2016, GOVTalks attendees heard a variety of talks ranging from structured content and digital ecosystems to data and content.

Creating a Digital Ecosystem

Nikhil Deshpande
Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services Georgia

It is no longer enough for agencies to just have websites and stand alone web applications. Citizens expect a matured digital experience from their government. The term digital ecosystem has been applied to several models but what does it mean when we start applying it in our backyard? Or maybe the front yard? Nikhil talks about how Georgia’s agencies can consider relevant digital touch points and opportunities for citizen engagement.

More in Nikhil’s blog post: Digital Ecosystems for Government, Part 1: What are they?

Omni-Channel for Government: Delivery Through Data

Jordan Hirsch
Director of Digital Strategy, Phase2 Technology

You’ve probably heard the term “omni-channel,” and thought, “Great, another digital buzzword based on theory without substance.” Omni-channel promises to give your citizens a personalized and frictionless experience with your agency regardless of the channel, location, or device. This session will contain a brief introduction to omni-channel and how it can help governments use the power of data to efficiently target service delivery.

Chunks vs. Blobs: The Value of Structured Content

Kendra Skeene
Director of Product, Digital Services Georgia

Learn about one of the strengths of a good content management system — the ability to present web content in small, structured chunks of information instead of large, unformed blobs. Kendra will give an overview of the value of structured content, and show how two new features of the platform do just that.

More in Kendra's blog post: Locations: Get a Mapping and Listing Upgrade

Turning Your Data Into Information

Johann Lohrmann
Solutions Analyst, Digital Services Georgia

Discover how data visualization breathes life into your information. Discover secrets on how to better understand your data and then develop ways to leverage it. Bring your data questions!

More in Johann's blog post: Turning Meaningless Data into Meaningful Data

Panel Q&A

Getting the Most Out of Your Content

April Lentini
Content Strategist, Digital Services Georgia

How do you provide content that effectively reaches and meets the needs of your audience as well as your own? We want your site to be successful, so we’ve put together this guide on how to plan, create and manage your greatest digital asset, content.

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