GOVTalks is a one day conference for all who are responsible for their organization’s website or applications. Dedicated to helping state agencies in Georgia create a top-notch digital presence, the GOVTalks conference focuses on best practices for creating and managing user-centric content.


GOVTalks Spring 2022

Trust in Government Starts with Customer Experience | Are Chatbots the Answer? | We are the Champions...of Accessibility! | Growing the Orchard: What's Next for Georgia's Design System | The State of Social Media | GovHub: Evolution, Innovation, and Advocacy | Mind the GAP

GOVTalks Spring 2021

Road to Digital Maturity | Our Collaborative Path Forward | Report Your Success | Journey to Content Maturity | Guide Users' Experience with Webforms | Learning with DSGa

GOVTalks Spring 2020

Success of Your Digital Properties | Siteimprove | Quality Assurance | Accessibility Made Simple | GovHub and the New SEO

GOVTalks Spring 2019

The New Role of Your Website | Planning Beyond the Page | Migration Schedule Update | Best Way to Use New Content Types | Designing Smart Layouts | Preparing Content

GOVTalks Fall 2018: For the People, With the People

United Branded Digital Platform | Building Georgia's Digital System | Process, Migration, and What to Expect | Designing a Human-Centered Government

GOVTalks Fall 2017: The Future of Your Website

Georgia's Digital Future | Behavior DNA | Future of Georgia's Web Platform

GOVTalks Spring 2017: Reaching Your Users

Beyond Your Website | Putting Our Best Face Forward | Understanding Your Audience

GOVTalks Fall 2016: Digital Ecosystems

Creating a Digital Ecosystem | Delivery Through Data | The Value of Structured Content | Turning Your Data into Information | Getting the Most out of Content

GOVTalks Fall 2015: Data

Show Me | Civic Hackers | OpenSaaS Solutions for Government | Innovative Data Usage | Google Analytics

GOVTalks Summer 2016: 5 Years of Drupal

Fifth Year Using Drupal | Where We're Going | Managed Digital Cloud | Serious About Your Content | Infographics

GOVTalks Spring 2015: Content

Get to the Point | Clean Up Your Content | Accessible Content | SEO

GOVTalks Fall 2014: Accessibility

Georgia's Accessible ICT Initiative | Accessible Practices | Disability 101 | Accessibility Tips, Tools, and Strategies | Accessible Documents

GOVTalks Spring 2014: Social Media

The How of Social Media | Finding the Right Platform | Social Media Strategy

GOVTalks Winter 2014: Usability

Usability 101 | Usability Toolkit | Heuristic Evaluation

GOVTalks Fall 2013: Mobile

Mobile is NOT the Future | Responsive Web Design | Getting Ready for Responsive