Accessibility Tools

As state agencies, we are required to provide accessible content. We have a wide audience with a range of abilities and, in the end, content that is accessible is better for everyone.

Create Accessible Content

WebAIM Contrast Checker
People with low vision or color blindness need text (and other important foreground elements) to stand out sufficiently from the background. Make sure to check your color contrast anytime you create content — text graphics, videos, PDF documents, etc. — that doesn't use GovHub's built-in text styling.

Check Your Site's Accessibility

WAVE is free web tool that will evaluate your site's accessibility.

WebAIM Browser Extension
This browser extension lets you check the accessibility of content when using Chrome and Firefox browsers, and it's 100% private and secure for accessibility reporting.

Siteimprove is a paid service that enhances your digital presence by providing reports on spelling, readability, accessibility, and broken links. Using Siteimprove can transform your site's performance and overall usability.

Additional Resources - Improving User Experience
Creating an accessible website also helps to increase the usability of your site. This site provides tools for content strategy to visual design to improve the overall user experience.

W3C Accessibility Tools
This is a complete list put together by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for web accessibility tools. This host of tools can help you test the accessibility of your web content.