Behavior-Oriented Archetypes (User Insights)

The 5 types of behavior oriented archetypes


These archetypes can be found across all industries and are based on patterns found through studies with thousands of people.

Chart of the behavior oriented archetypes

Examples of how to serve the types

  • Chat & F.A.Q’s appeal to Traditional, Opportunist, and Trusting
  • Spec Sheets & 3rd Party links appeal to Thorough, and Decisive
  • Search bar for Decisive and Thorough
  • Popular topic links for Opportunists, Trusting, and Traditional

Archetype: Thorough

Thorough behavior archetype

Knowledge is power 

  • Takes in exhaustive info
  • Resists important decisions without data
  • Looks for expert feedback

Researchers, calculated

When picking where to get dinner, a Thorough will research every restaurant, diner, and cafeteria in a 10-mile radius, and organize their findings in a spreadsheet. They are now an expert on nearby eateries.

  • Highly cautious
  • Highly confident
  • Self-trusting

Archetype: Decisive

Decisive behavior archetype

Quickly executes a plan

  • Skeptical of others’ knowledge
  • Streamline for quick, informed choices
  • Early adopters

Take chances, move quickly

Decisives act quickly. Ask them where to eat and they’ll have an answer in 1 minute flat. They come with a list — i.e. it serves burgers, it’s $10-15, and it’s no more than 15 minutes away. And once they find a place that checks every box, they’re good to go.

  • Highly impulsive
  • Highly confident
  • Self-trusting

Archetype: Opportunist

Opportunist behavior archetype

Puts off change

  • Collaborates on decisions but will ultimately trust themselves
  • Dislikes complications
  • Seeks the path of least resistance

Hates details and decisions

When you ask an Opportunist where to go for dinner, they’ll say “Oh, you decide.” They take the path of least resistance, and would rather not make the decision themselves. When they must decide, they wait until the last possible minute.

  • Neither cautious nor impulsive
  • Neither unsure nor confident
  • Need guidance

Archetype: Trusting

Trusting behavior archetype

Does the basics themselves

  • Appreciates linear formats
  • Community is important
  • Brand loyalists

Appreciates recommendations

A Trusting will turn to the reviews. They’ll read every Yelp, Google, and Facebook review, and then ask their friends what they’ve heard.

  • Fairly cautious
  • A little unsure
  • Need guidance

Archetype: Traditional

Traditional behavior archetype

Resists change

  • Remains stuck without help
  • Stubborn and unsure
  • Late adopters

Dislikes change

If you’ve gone to dinner once with a Traditional, there’s no need to ask what they want. They want to go the same place as last time so they can get that same amazing chicken dish.

  • Highly cautious
  • Highly unsure
  • Need guidance