Legacy Case Studies

From day one, Digital Services Georgia has focused on a single goal: make the information and services on state agency websites easy to understand, and accessible to all Georgians. These legacy case studies document key moments and milestones in that journey. They represent the foundation of where we are today, and showcase the technology, structure, and solutions we put in place to drive our mission's evolution.

Each case study below shows the challenges people face when trying to navigate government websites in Georgia. We share specifics on how we solved these problems. Every redesign and upgrade we introduce helps citizens access the government services they need, easier and faster than before.

See what we learned about:

  • The importance of user-centric design.
  • Useful information architecture based on real data.
  • How to implement responsive design for all devices.
  • The need for system-wide accessibility integration.


Digital Services Georgia recognizes that you care about every customer needing your Agency’s services. Our themes are not only consistent with WCAG 2.0 (AA) standards but they exceed federal standards, winning us the National IT Award for Accessibility Initiative. All state agency websites hosted on GovHub are now accessible for people with visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive disabilities.

View the complete accessibility case study.

Georgia.gov Information Architecture (IA)

The Digital Services Georgia team focuses on information architecture, meaning we build our sites based on the information users want to find most! When we restructured Georgia.gov, we created links on the homepage to the most popular topics and incorporated a powerful search engine to make sure people find the information they need fast! By deciding to stop looking at Georgia government through a lens of bureaucracy and divisions, we were able to focus on what the customer really wanted and gave them precisely that.

View the complete Georgia.gov IA case study.

Drupal Migration

“Old” and “Inflexible” are words you never want to hear when describing your website. That’s why we migrated over 50 state agency websites from an outdated content management system to a more flexible, custom-built system powered by Drupal. Drupal is an “open source” content management system supported by experts from around the world working daily to keep the system safe and up to date with the latest technology.

View the complete Drupal migration case study.

Georgia.gov Redesign

Our relaunch of the state’s main website was a labor of love. We started by asking the most important question: What do the 5 million people who visit the site daily really want? This question led to a cleaner, user friendly design, relevant information on the homepage including search, links and navigation, accessibility, and a mobile friendly design. It sounds simple but read more to find out what it really took to bring this amazing project to life.

View the complete Georgia.gov redesign case study.