Case Studies

People face a number of challenges when trying to navigate government websites in Georgia. Our case studies show how we identify and solve these issues. Every redesign and upgrade we introduce helps Georgians access the government services they need, easier and faster than before.


Unlike most digital destinations, users don’t often come to a government site like to “hang around.” In fact, analytics revealed that approximately 1 of every 5 users came to in a moment of crisis — looking for emergency assistance, getting a restraining order, applying for unemployment, etc. So, how could we get our fellow

Structured Content and Flexible Layouts

Editors say they want flexibility when creating content and landing pages, but this leads to a lack of consistency. Content is difficult to re-use. Your target audiences may be confused or ignored. But what if you could have flexible layouts and structured content?

Chatbots Provide Timely Support

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic created a sudden and unprecedented need for timely and accurate information. By providing a way to get answers to the most frequently asked questions, the chatbot could free up time to handle more complex issues.