Bloom Design Theme FAQs

  • How do we update the design of our applications/other sites that use the previous design theme?

    Please contact the service desk. We can assist with colors, fonts, and using the top hat and footer.

  • Can you share the color hex codes for our palette?

    Information for all color palettes will be available on the Orchard Design System site.

  • What fonts are used in the updated theme?

    Headings use Source Serif Pro. All other text uses Montserrat. Both are available for free download from Google Fonts.

  • During this transition to the new theme, how do we know what theme our site is using?
    Georgia digital seal

    There are two ways to determine by sight.

    1. The digital seal (gold pillars) extends slightly into the top hat on the updated design.
    2. In almost all cases, if the background is any color except white, it is the Forest theme. If the color is white, your site has the updated Bloom theme.
  • Are stock images available?

    Yes, we have a Georgia Digital Assets library available for all state organizations to use. Please contact the service desk to request access.