May 28, 2020

Default Link Text

Do you ever make your link text “learn more” or “click here”? We get it! You want the page to be clean and direct. But when you type the words “learn more” in the link text field, you’re actually hurting the accessibility of your content and making it harder for people with disabilities to find what they need.

To help, we’ve now added default text to these links:

  • Promo link
  • Tileset “more” link (the optional button that can display below the Tiles)
  • Alert link

For each of these links, just leave the link text field unchanged to use the default text. If you do that, the system will apply an ARIA label to the link, which will tell screen readers to add more context from the block title. This is the same way that we make your News and Press Release teasers accessible, despite the fact that the link text is “Read more.”

For example, the default text for a Promo link is “Learn more.” Let’s say that this is a Promo that you titled “Best Ice Cream Flavors.” So if you leave the link text field blank, what you’ll see on the page is a block with a “Learn more” link at the bottom, but what screen readers will say is “Lean more about Best Ice Cream Flavors.” This ensures that users always have the full context of a link so they know what to expect if they click on it.

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