August 18, 2021

Building Visitor Trust Through Design

Example of the shared hat and footer on a non GovHub site
The School Grades site is not part of GovHub, but it uses the state enterprise hat and footer.

If your agency is part of GovHub, you know that the unified theming — color palettes, fonts, icon styles, etc. — across sites helps to reassure visitors that they’re getting credible information from trusted government sources. That similar look and feel is due to our Orchard Design System, a collection of components and assets that are assembled to provide both consistency, and at the same time, flexibility for each agency site.

We have options for you if your agency site is not on GovHub, or if you have other applications or websites that would benefit from state branding. For digital properties of any state organization, we can provide:

  • Codes for color palettes;
  • Digital Seal for digital or print applications; and
  • State enterprise hat and footer.
Digital Seal

Need the Digital Seal?

You’re welcome to use it on official state documents. Download the logo and style guide.

The shared hat is the black bar that appears at the very top of the page, above the header. It contains an image of the state flag, a statement explaining the purpose of the .gov domain, and a list of all Georgia state organizations. This hat can also display alerts in the event of a statewide emergency.

The shared footer appears at the bottom of the page. It contains general contact information, links to state government sites, as well as accessibility and security statements. Through a script that you add to your site, we deliver the content of the hat and footer, along with their associated stylesheets.

We encourage use of all these assets to not just visually connect your agency sites with other official Georgia government sites, but also to ensure that they’re compliant with accessibility guidelines, such as contrasting colors and appropriate font sizes. If you would like to add the hat and footer to your non-GovHub site, or if you have questions about using colors and other Orchard assets, please open a support request.

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