Siteimprove: New Tool for Georgia State Websites

Our team here at Digital Services Georgia recently launched a new service for Georgia state agencies using a tool called Siteimprove. Hopefully you’ve received an email from me already explaining what Siteimprove can do for your agency. If you’ve never heard of Siteimprove before, stay where you are! At the bottom you'll find a helpful resource explaining more about Siteimprove, but I'll give you a quick overview here too.

I am not here to jam a sales pitch down your throat, but there are a few ways that Siteimprove can help you make your website better:

  • Spell Checker
    Siteimprove can find all those misspelled words on your site. If it’s not a misspelled word (such as "Facebook"), Siteimprove can add it to its dictionary so it won’t cause a problem for you in the future.
  • Broken Link Checker
    You can find all those links that have stopped working over the years. Siteimprove not only shows you the broken link, but gives you the page that it appears and takes you straight to it so you can see the problem. You can then go into Drupal and fix it.
  • Policy Tools
    This feature allows you to keep consistency in style. For instance, you can make sure all your phone numbers look exactly the same or that “Governor” is always spelled out.
  • Accessibility tools
    While nothing beats a full accessibility audit performed by a human, Siteimprove will give you a good high level look at where your content could be more accessible. You also have access to a free consultant to help with accessibility issues, and free certification courses.
  • HTML and CSS Validation Tools
  • Automatic Checks
    Every 5 days you can generate a report about your website.

If you go through Digital Services Georgia to purchase Siteimprove, you’ll get a discount plus 6 administrative hours from us! If you are interested, open a support ticket (Select "Website/Content Issues" as your Support Type) and we can get you a quote. I look forward to hearing from you!

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