So You’re On Social Media. Now What?

From sharing information about upcoming events to highlighting the work of employees, government agencies are finding new ways to create genuine engagement.

Clarify Your Message With a Social Media Policy

How does your online presence reflect on your organization? A social media policy helps employees understand what actions cross the line, and helps the public know how they can — and cannot — interact with your agency on social media.

Don’t Delete That Post! Why Government Agencies Must Archive Social Media

Government agencies are legally required to archive all digital content – even social media! How are you making sure your agency isn’t the next face of a social media nightmare?

3 Lessons From GSMCON 2017 for Social Media Managers

Social media needs to be accessible, it's great for breaking news, and you need to be aware of policies and legal requirements. See what our social media expert learned from this year's Government Social Media Conference.

Twitter Cards, Part 2: Using Twitter Cards on Your Site

Structure your Tweets! Once you've enabled Twitter cards on your site, you can use the default settings or jump deeper into customizations.

Twitter Cards, Part 1: Structure Your Social Media Content

Make your social posts more effective with Twitter Cards.

Image Use on Social Media

See the added value of images on social media and learn how to use them yourself!


For the second year in a row, over 300 city, county, and state government social media enthusiast gathered in Reno, Nevada for the Government Social Media Conference (GSMCON).

The Importance of Planning

Learn about the importance and how we create and Editorial Calendar for

Core Elements of a Successful Digital Brand

Learn how a government agency can effectively develop and maintain their brand.