Orchard design system too good not to share

A brand’s identity sets the tone and ensures consistency, unity, and flexibility across all digital platforms. The Orchard Design System provides a distinctive, consistent visual language, and we’re now making the state branding easily accessible for all.

We Don’t Support Internet Explorer and Here’s Why

Internet Explorer doesn’t support certain web standards and lacks support for styling and assistive technologies, as well as security. In short, it simply does not perform at the same level that most modern browsers do. In light of Microsoft announcing that it will stop supporting the browser, we decided to stop supporting it too. We have a few key reasons why we made that decision.

With the People: Introducing pilot.georgia.gov

The Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) team is excited to launch pilot.georgia.gov. This pilot site is more than a facelift to the existing Georgia.gov website; it’s a modern way of managing content and interactions.

Why Use Wireframes?

We have colors, we have fonts, we have photos… Why not use them?

Wireframes allow you to scale back and focus on what is important.

Built With the People

The mission of Digital Services Georgia (DSGa) is to make people’s interaction with Georgia state government frictionless, empowering, and symbiotic!

State of Georgia Launches Its First Alexa Skill: Ask GeorgiaGov

Through technology and design we can lessen the friction between Georgians and government services. This extends far beyond our previous focus of websites. To fulfill this mission, we've published Ask GeorgiaGov, an Alexa skill.

Open Sourcing Our Training and Code

At GeorgiaGov Interactive, we’re releasing our training materials and code for you to use and improve. Afterall, if you love something, set it free.

Beyond the Screen: Futurism Meets Inclusion

Conversational interfaces meet evolving usage patterns and expectations, while also assisting users with limited abilities to access information with an easy conversation.

We’re Adding More Security to Your Sites with HTTPS

Following the recent Federal Government “HTTPS-Only Standard”, we are migrating all GeorgiaGov platform sites to the HTTPS protocol. The change will protect our brands and all who visit our sites.

Three Common Challenges for Building a Website With SharePoint

There are business and technical challenges when it comes to building, implementing, maintaining, and supporting SharePoint.