Inclusive Design Isn’t One Size Fits All

Inclusive design is about understanding user needs from both a technical perspective and a social perspective so that individuals feel included regardless of any differences they may have from the majority population. By incorporating these principles into your website designs, you can create equitable experiences for all users no matter their background or situation.

Picture Perfect: How to Enhance Your Content with Images

It’s okay to use images and sometimes it’s even necessary. With a thoughtful and intentional approach, striking the perfect balance between engagement and information is achievable.

A Bloom For Spring: GovHub Is Getting a Makeover

In the coming months, websites on Georgia’s GovHub platform will switch to Bloom, a fresh, new look with updated typography, colors, and layout elements.

There's No Fine Print in Government Websites

Plain language is communication that is clear, concise, and easily understood. It's not only about avoiding complicated words or phrases; it also involves writing in a familiar style, using visuals where appropriate, and making it accessible to all audiences. This is especially important for government agencies who provide services and benefits that constituents are entitled to.

Making Sure Your Users Feel Seen

Personas are a tried and true method for understanding what users need from your website. We help state agencies know their users better by developing personas based on hard data and usability testing.

Cite Your Sources

It's more important than ever to be able to trust the information we find online. Two of the best ways to ensure we're providing accurate information? Cite only reputable sources properly and prevent broken links.

So You’re On Social Media. Now What?

From sharing information about upcoming events to highlighting the work of employees, government agencies are finding new ways to create genuine engagement.

Gaining New Insight In The GAP

Last year we launched the Georgia Analytics Program (GAP) to track the performance of the state’s websites. Agencies now have more user data to help them make smart digital decisions. To make sense of it all, DSGa launched a new service this year called the GAP Consultation. 

GOVTalks Spring 2022

Trust in Government Starts with Customer Experience | Are Chatbots the Answer? | We are the Champions...of Accessibility! | Growing the Orchard: What's Next for Georgia's Design System | The State of Social Media | GovHub: Evolution, Innovation, and Advocacy | Mind the GAP

Work smarter, not harder with skills learned at our Digital Academy

Our Digital Academy has been a sought-after training for several years. We've revamped it and now we're re-launching the Digital Academy to make it easier for content managers around the state to attend and get state-certified.